Stress Less During the Holidays!

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who look forward to the holidays and are thrilled when they first spot the decorations at their local store, and then some know that the moment the last piece of Halloween candy disappears, so does any semblance of sanity. Do you want to stress less during the holidays? Inevitably though,

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Host your Party at LifeFloat

Looking for the perfect place for your next gathering? Perhaps one that provides relaxing spa services and healthy refreshments for your guests? We are happy to announce that LifeFloat is now available for 3 hour to full day rentals! You bring the party, we supply the floats, massages, and more.  Packages are customizable, but here are some ideas to get

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Floating for Spiritual Practice

by Trista Dedmon Floating for Spiritual Practice: I received a gift card to Life Float from my best friend for my 36th birthday. I had heard of the benefits ranging from epic bliss to better than a massage. I was intrigued most by the opportunity to create a sacred space to consort with my Highest Self, and see what wisdom

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The LifeFloat Difference

We know we’re not the only float game in town. In fact, we are delighted that floating is becoming more popular.  After all, we believe that if everyone floated, the world would be a better place. So what makes LifeFloat different than other float spas? We have custom-built, expansive 8’x10’ open-air pools in every room. There’s no “best” room. They

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Is it Safe for Kids to Float?

By now you’ve probably heard about all the benefits of a floating practice.  It calms the mind, it relaxes the body. It helps with sleep, creativity, focus, inflammation and pain.  The list goes on and on. It’s easy as adults to make decisions about our self-care practices. We usually do some research and try a few things to see what

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Floating for Jet Lag

Have you ever fallen asleep during your float?  It’s easy to do. The combination of physical relaxation and lack of brain stimulation is the perfect recipe for a bit of dreamy respite.  Some guests feel a little disappointed when it happens. After all, being awake to enjoy the relaxed but alert zen of the theta state is one of the

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Floating for Creativity with Artist Sydney Busskohl

It’s fairly common knowledge among floatation therapy enthusiasts that floating is great for anxiety.  Athletes have long found floating to be a great performance enhancer and key to recovery.  Meditators have known for decades that sensory deprivation advances their practice by dropping brain waves into a relaxed state.  Even those who suffer from PTSD are experiencing a positive effects on

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Floatation therapy featured on Shark Tank, also known as sensory deprivation.

Floatation therapy + Shark Tank! Floatation therapy, also known as sensory deprivation was just featured on shark tank. We’re sure you have tons of questions – Here’s what you need to know. What is floatation therapy (also known as sensory deprivation)? Floatation therapy involves laying in a pool of concentrated salt water, typically in silence in darkness, though most facilities

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Deepen Your Self Care Practice with Our Wellness Club

Imagine being able to indulge in self-care such as yoga, infrared saunas, massages and floats on the regular (when you need it!) without breaking the bank.


Claustrophobia: Can I Still Try Floating?

Is claustrophobia holding you back from trying out the benefits of float therapy for yourself? We’ve found that claustrophobia is actually one of the most common fears people have when they consider floating. Here’s a closer look at this phobia, the benefits individuals with claustrophobia can enjoy when floating, and the best way to try floating if you’re worried about

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