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First Time Promotional Rate*
  • *First time floaters use the code "FIRSTFLOAT" when booking online.
single float
  • Per 60 minute session.
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3 float package
  • $65 per 60 minute session.
  • $60 per 60 minute session.
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Sharable Monthly Memberships

1 FLOAT Membership
  • $65 per month, billed monthly.
    ($65 per 60 minute session)
  • $120 per month, billed monthly.
    ($60 per 60 minute session)
  • $220 per month, billed monthly.
    ($55 per 60 minute session)
  • $360 per month, billed monthly.
    ($45 per 60 minute session)

Unlimited Monthly Memberships

Unlimited Monthly Membership
  • $200 per month, billed monthly.
    Unlimited floats
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  • Save $400 - Get a full year of floating for only $2,000.
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Single Float | $89

First Time Float Special | $49

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Monthly Memberships

Shareable | Expire after 365 days | $49 for additional floats

1 Float Membership | $59

2 Float Membership | $98 

Unlimited Membership

Spaces limited | $169 | 30 day cancellation policy

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Shareable | Expire after 365 days

3 Float Package | $189

10 Float Package | $489 


Frequently Asked Questions

* How do I get the promotional rate for my first float?

Use the code FIRSTFLOAT when booking online. Limit 1 per person. If you fail to use the promotional code when purchasing online we are unable to give refunds after your purchase has been processed. 

Will I feel Claustrophobic?

No—LifeFloat provides extra large open pools (8-foot by 6-foot, with 10 inches of water depth). While most floating centers utilize much smaller float tanks or pods with lids that close the floater in, at LifeFloat our pools are open, so it will be like floating in a very lovely personal pool.

What Will Happen While I Float?

Once you are in the pool, your job is to relax and float freely. With reduced sensory input and no need to deal with gravity, your mind and body suddenly have amazing excess capacity to focus inward and regain balance. There is no wrong way to float, so your job will be to relax and let go.

How Do You Keep the Water Clean?

Each pool has it’s own state of the art filtration system identical to those used in 30,000 gallon commercial swimming pools. The water is filtered four times in between every float session through a three-stage process involving physical filtration and a combination of UV light and pool disinfectant.

What Makes the Water so Buoyant?

Each pool is filled with over 1,600 pounds of salt. We use a special therapeutic blend of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts, mineral rich Dead Sea salt and Himalayan Ancient sea salt, all of which are known for their healing properties.

How Many Times Should I Float to Get Results?

Many people feel the results after one float, however, for others the stress inducing internal chatter in the mind has so much momentum that it can take 2-3 sessions before one experiences a true floating release where the brain shifts down into the slower Alpha and Theta brain wave patterns, which identify the hallmark floating experience. Like anything, your results will be directly proportional to the amount of time spent in the float pool. We feel that floating once or twice a week is a good way to strike a balance between the demands of our busy external lives and achieving positive results.

What Should I Bring?

Bring just yourself and your mind, both ready to rest. Each room is equipped with everything that you will need for your session. You are welcome to bring your own flip-flops and any additional personal care items for after your float.

How Should I Prepare?

Be ready to have a different, mind -opening experience. We recommend not having caffeine 90 minutes prior to your float as this can inhibit the relaxation response and reduce the effectiveness of the float experience. Don’t shave or wax the morning prior to your float otherwise your skin will sting for the first few minutes when exposed to the highly concentrated salt water.

What Happens to My Hair?

Floating is safe for professionally dyed or treated hair. We just recommend that you don’t float until your hair color runs clean to ensure there will be no impact to your hair or the float pool. If you use a brightly colored home hair coloring treatment we ask that you not float until several weeks after treatment as these colors tend to run in the Epsom salt water.

Can I Float While I am Pregnant?

Indeed and encouraged! Floating is safe for pregnant women and relieves the strain of additional weight, joint paint and decreases inflammation. We’ve also heard from clients that floating while pregnant creates a supportive bonding experience for mother and unborn baby, while both have a special, womb-like experience.

Are Your Float Pools Accessible to Those With Disabilities/ Mobility Issues?

Our facility is fully ADA compliant. We have a wheelchair accessible float room specifically designed for those with mobility issues. Our float room #5 has a roll in shower, an extra large opening to the pool and plenty of grab bars for your safety and convenience.

What Health Benefits are Associated with Epsom Salt

We use a special blend of Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt. There are numerous health benefits associated with soaking in each.

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